My Story

Michael Peloso is a New Jersey-based lyricist/songwriter who writes undeniably touching, honest lyrics with a sense of simplicity that are uniquely all his own. 

He began writing at the tender age of 10.  “I remember buying REO Speedwagon's Hi-Infidelity, and was just floored by the words and music,” Michael says.

Other primary influences include Tom Waits,  Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Carole King, James Taylor,  Natalie Merchant, Hall & Oates, Jude Cole, Ed Roland and Darius Rucker ... just to name a few of many. 
“For as long as I can remember, music has been a savior for me, and has helped me through tough times," Michael explains. "Even if it's just for 3 minutes, music helps you escape. That's why I write. It’s truly a wonderful gift. If something I write helps even one person get through their day, then I’ve done my job.”

After a hiatus from writing, Michael reignited his passion, and in 2013, a creative renaissance occurred. He worked with
Ek@t Pereyra  on several projects, including You & MeVisit Soundcloud  & Nimbit for their works. 

Michael collaborated with the award-winning singer/songwriter/performer Natalie Jean. Please Don't, a Josie Award nominated R&B track,  was released in June 2016, and is a featured single on Natalie's Unafraid album. The duo released Alive on June 30, 2017. Lost & Found is scheduled to be released this fall.  

Can She Stay,  a dynamic venture with award-winner Dennis Sy, was released on August 15, 2017, This powerful and poignant ode about life's changes is on the official Grammy ballot. 


Visit the music section of this site for a sampling of Michael's works.